Working out in style

I friend of mine who is very into fitness asked me to make a collage about what to wear when working out.

Obviously there are so many different ways we work out, gym, running, as for me I love boxing and weight training. So I have in this collage chosen clothes that doesn’t limit your movement but still looks chic.

Some people like to use bright cheerful colours and that’s very much available but maybe not for everyone.

Then some of you might frown a little when you see the shorts I’ve chosen, there’s a good reason to wear them, as well as the cropped top. I have to work my legs out a lot and I have to see the exact angle of my knee when doing squats for instance, so if I wear a straight looser trouser, I can’t see how it moves. Same thing goes for the cropped top. If there’s an exercise where you need to see if your using the right ab muscle, the cropped top is good for that.

But then we also have the ones that just like to dress fabulous in the gym and I really think that’s great. Why don’t we all put as much focus on our gym clothes as the rest of our closet? Why do I see so many people with ripped, washed out gloomy rags in the gym, when you have affordable pieces out there.

I’m a huge fan of Nike, I like their fit and the fact that they have such a wide range for every type of activity.

Also something to bring to the table is this, you might think that you have a cute t-shirt or a pair of cheap trousers to use at the gym, and that’s fine. But most clothes you buy from Nike for instance are made of specific fabrics that breaths, cools down stays dry.

Think about it.

And don’t forget about the shoes! I am unable to do running or anything with a heavy impact on my knee, so the shoes I choose to wear are usually petite almost like a boxers shoes. I feel I can move around better in them. If you’re a runner obviously you’ll need a shoe for that purpose, and it makes a huge difference.

Whats your favourite outfit in the gym?

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