After a lot of research I chose to study with the Alicia Kite Academy because I agree with their approach and views on image consulting.
This is the academy´s philosophy and what they stand for:

  • Treat everyone as an individual
  • Retail knowledge and understanding
  • Image is an evolution
  • Underwear is the starting point of style
  • Build your wardrobe rather than replace it

My own personal style journey has been long and bumpy, It’s only after earning my degree as an Image Consultant that I found the courage and the vast interest in really finding my personal image.

As much as we’d like to deny it, first impressions matter so very much, and I am here to help with this.
It’s very challenging but so interesting to help someone find that image they long for and very rewarding to see how it shapes them as a person. It’s hard and it’s so much to chose from out there. It’s also so easy to fall into a rut and think that that will work forever.

As I touched on earlier your Image plays a bigger part than you may think and has a huge power and impact over our minds, and here are just a few reasons to hire an Image Consultant:

  • You are planning an occasion, maybe your starting at a new workplace or something life changing and you want to look your best.
  • You’re corporate and want to find that confidence in your apparel at work when seeing clients or heading to an important meeting.
  • You have a wardrobe filled with options but now idea how to put them together.
  • You feel lost or discouraged when it comes to shopping and just end up buying the same items.
  • You simply feel the need for a new you and a new start.


“ Image tells the story of who you are without speaking a word “ .