Beach Blonde by John Frieda…

Ok, it took me a while and it was a planned delay.

I set out to try Beach Blonde products by John Frieda and because I wanted to see the complete change I needed to give the transition some time.

I can definitely feel a change, my hair seems less heavy and the products themselves feel much cleaner. It took me a while to work up a good lather with the shampoo in order to really get a good clean but once there it has proven great.

Sadly the conditioner is not detangeling as much as I need it too and I find myself struggling.

The amazing scent helps a lot as it’s very minty and fresh and the sea salt spray is by itself like a beach holiday in a bottle!

I haven’t however mastered that beautiful beach wave look with this spray and I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that my Scandinavian hair rarely keeps any style longer than a couple of hours, but fear not, I’m not giving up. And the scent alone is worth it.

I definitely will keep up with this product as I feel it keeps my thin hair much bouncier and not heavy with product.

If you have thin hair like me and don’t want heavy products the do give this a go đŸ™‚

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