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There’s no such thing as overdressed…

I used to dress like a surfer girl once…denims and printed tops too.

But then I went to London for the first time and saw how normal “dressing up” seemed. No one asked why or looked twice unless they really liked the outfit of course.

Since finding my style I actually struggle to leave the house in something too dressed down or casual.

I like to dress my best, you truly never know who you’ll run into, this I know, me and Bill Nighy have crossed paths so many times I think I owe him a coffee 🙂

But the thought of being caught in a sloppy outfit and untamed dirty hair makes me a little stressed.

Don’t get me wrong I can do my occasional Tesco run quickly hidden behind big sunglasses and wearing a big coat. But going out for a coffee…going shopping…you’ll never catch me “underdressed”

Clothes are fun!

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