Lingerie is your foundation…

It’s known that over 75% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s a crazy amount. It’s probably because the vast ocean of choices out there and just not really knowing what the perfect fit feels and looks like.

I have a bra fitting once a year, our bodies change and so will the “role” of your bra. Maybe with time you will need more support, maybe it needs to be more comfortable.

Down below I will show you some styles and rule of thumb but I do Recommend going to be fitted to learn for your self the difference a good bra makes.

Every woman should own a nude bra and a black bra. These are a must. Then for some bedroom fun feel free to go nuts but keep in mind these are not for everyday.
Ans a white bra looks absolutely fresh in theory but it will shine through both black and white garments.

Also keep in mind that you have various strap styles for various outfits and they’re there for a reason so that you don’t have to flaunt your bra strap. It’s not a desired look.

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