My makeup…

Someone came up to me wanting to know what I use for my makeup routine. And well how could I not share?

Compared to many it’s a small routine, I don’t have contouring or layers on end. I don’t like the feeling of a lot of product on my face, even the thought stresses me out. And do not get me started on fake lashes..glue everywhere but where it should be!

It hasn’t been an “easy” journey. Every time I feel I’m bonding with a product they always seem to take it out of production! Why?!

Another thing to note is that I’ve had the same look for decades, it’s just the way I am. A day without my eyeliner and I feel like I look like my brothers, no offence Fredrik and Patrik (I adore you) but I like to look like the woman I am 😉

see below all the stages and products I use:

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