Sometimes less is more

Less is sometimes more...

I like to keep looks simple and adding personality with accessories, I would recommend to add a few fashion and trend pieces but not follow them completely.

One of my favorite trends right now is the one where you use the jacket almost like a cape, nonchalant resting on your shoulders. It looks so effortless and nice.

Also I like to see a nice flowy white blouse slightly and not too neatly tucked into the trousers maybe even only in the front. In the collage I have chosen a pair of cropped 50´s style trousers and teamed them up with a pair of low boots, I feel they complement each other and keeps the look a little more to the casual but still chic side.

These trousers matched with a pair of high heels and a fancier top would be perfect for a dinner or night out, the cropped trousers are very flattering showing off your ankles.

“Sometimes less is more…”

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