Dressing smart for spring

Dressing smart for spring...

I had a request to style a collage on how to dress smart for spring. This collage is perfect if the sun is shining or atleast it´s cloudy without rain.

But after living in London for a while now I have realized that an umbrella should always be brought and shoes should at least be abe to take some rain. The obvious choice being wellingtons of course.

But let´s say the weather is good and it´s still not warm enough to let go of the jacket, wind might be a little chilly so a scarf and a cardigan underneath might be needed as well.

The trench is very classic and always comes back in style so this is a good investment to your overall image.

The parkas is a more casual but also classic style, it changes a little in the cut as trends move forward but the idea is the same.

Both of these can be dressed up and down ( I can´t stress this enough ) with accessories to make it fit your personal style.

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