Yesterday was all day in my training gear as it was a day with clients.

Today I had to pop to Richmond town and usually I wouldn’t bother and just wear sporty trainers, jeans and my Uniqlo black jacket.

Today I was wearing one of the outfits you styled and it didn’t feel like an effort at all. Normally I would stand in front of the wardrobe and think “hmmm what shall I wear” and could never decide. Every time I thought I had nothing to wear, but after a session with you it is not true. I have nice clothes just wasn’t sure how to combine them together to complete the look. With your help I now know.

It’s so much easier to pick what to wear because I can wear everything that is in my wardrobe!

And once I have the report with all outfits I will be confident on how to match things better. Then it will be only a matter of time to make it a habit and it will take few seconds to select what I will wear each day.

Also felt really good in the clothes I was wearing today being comfortable at the same time.

Jenny (Wardrobe Consultation)

What a birthday present! I felt unattractive and outdated after I´ve given birth to my daugther and I had a lack of time and interest to keep up with fashion. Then the little peach Lis-Marie entered the scene and organized both me AND my wardrobe. I couldn´t imagine that it would be more fun to choose what to wear if you are able to SEE everything you have and not only what´s on top.

The visit to my home highlighted what I with my bodyshape should and should not wear, but for me the best part was getting rid of those washed-out shapeless clothes that just lay there taking up space. I had many good pointers, perhaps even more than Lis-Marie realised! Nowadays, I actually look at the fashion images in magazines ad sometimes I even tear out a page with something nice so that I can look for something similar. Also, my box of bling-bling has grown considerably!

I had high expectations for our Personal Shopping session, and they were all honoured!      Lis-Marie had listened to all of my wishes and preferences and chosen outfits based on my lifestyle. Absolutely perfect. I can´t even understand how I´ve managed to live without some of the clothes. And the universal advice is : “before leaving the house, add an accessory” , though in my case it´s two… It´s so much more fun to go shopping now that I know what to look for. Sometimes find myself looking at the wrong items but it´s OK since I´m only looking. The way I dress hasn´t changed all that drastically but everything fits me, my personality and my lifestyle now.

I recommend everyone to do a Warderobe Consultation and Personal Shopping session with Lis-Marie, she loves what she does and you´ll have a really nice day!

Åsa, 38 y/o, two Children and a wonderful husband.

I want to start out by saying I ´m really happy with the results of this consultation, it helped me a lot.
When I looked at my well organized wardrobe after the consultation, my initial feeling was wow! I have tried to do it myself a few times but the way you did it seemed effortless and logical.
I will do my very best to try and keep it this well organized, it is a lot easier to find what I`m looking for and most of all it looks great, and now I know how to best care for all my garments.
I knew I had a lot of things in my wardrobe not being used because I didn´t know how to match them with everything else, now I´ve been shown many different ways to use them.
I look at the photos you took during the consultation for inspiration and it works!
I add a necklace that catches the eye and match them to smaller earrings so that it doesn’t feel to crowded and “ poof ” I feel so gorgeous.
One of the necklaces that I have was bought many years ago, I liked it but didn´t know what to wear it with and I ended up never using it, until now, Finally!
I was given a lot of new tips and tricks on how to think before buying my next item and I needed that. I´ve never really been interested in fashion and trends but after this consultation you´ve opened my eyes a lot.
I already had so many nice things in my wardrobe and when I match that with a necklace, bracelet or a bag all of a sudden I have a great outfit.
Thank you so much.

Jessica ( Wardrobe Consultation )

I only have good things to say about this consultation, you did a great job and I really take all your information to heart.
You were very professional and I felt comfortable, I could tell you know what you´re talking about.
I was thinking a lot about this consultation and all I can say is I´m very satisfied, you helped me with the areas I aimed for but also managed to show me outfits I never even thought about putting together.
Thank you!

Carola ( Wardrobe Consultation )