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Lockdown day…something.

I have been in quarantine for almost two months, I think. Days and weeks all seem to melt together and somehow hours fly by without much at all being done.

Sadly as Self Employed I was one of the few not receiving any support financially, luckily however I have been a good girl and keep my savings steady. We’re not talking thousand, no, but enough to allow me to survive a few months.

Through this entire lockdown and all its uncertainty I have had my lovely editors support. She has been keeping me busy with product reviews spanning from creams to fake lashes. And my writing has improved with it. The articles are funny, well I think so. And with any luck I’ll come out of this with bad roots but wrinkle free face and blinding teeth.

I will share some product and photos below and also link to all the articles so you can all go and read them. If you follow me on Instagram I regularly post new articles there.

Let’s get started…

I will come out of this with the whitest teeth!

My dentist will surely give me a sticker for job well done 🙂

I have always loved face masks so when I had the chance to trial new exciting newcomers then of course I would jump on it!

My poor Scandinavian hair also got some TLC, I tried Shampoo and conditioner bars and a gorgeous set of brushes that really seem to get along with my poor tresses.

This was fun! I reviewed some absolutely gorgeous products for my face and foof (google that last word) It is so handy to have the Bae Vac and be able to get into the depth of my pores at the comfort of my home. And who needs botox when you have Dr Levy products!

You can find all my articles here:

I hope they make you at least giggle during this trying COVID-19 horror story.

Keep well lovelies!



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