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So, we are reminded daily that we live in a new normal. Here in London don w brave to wear masks when in spaces where social distancing isn’t possible, mostly shops and local transport. Having that said people seem to have a habit of walking so close to me they can see my pores!

I have tried a few new styles and find that they are very different! I refuse to use disposable ones as they are very bad for our planet.

I like the idea of silk masks, my skin thanks me for that. But it all depends on the shape of it, tri-folded ones tend to almost get sucked in with my breath and I struggle to breath. But luckily Mazk masks have made a fitted one that looks chic and is easier to use.

Fitted Mazk mask

The plain cotton ones are fine but it all depends on the fit and shape. I also tried Bandana styles but they just don’t stay up on my face unless I tie them super tight.

Also saw a man today on the tube wearing a snood style thing and he was sitting there chewing gum which made me instantly think of a sock puppet (so sorry, thank you for wearing a face covering)

Most recently I was given a mask to review for The Bespoke Black Book from Airpop Health and I’m quite happy with it.

I walked a mere 14,000 steps this morning all the way from West Kensington a bit around Mayfair and ending at Green Park and I must say it was effortless breathing and perfect fit.
when not using the mask it has this tiny case that you need fold it into and that then in turn fits in your bag without taking up too much slave but most importantly without becoming contaminated.

Reusable masks are all well and good but you have to wash them daily for them to work. Please remember that!

So I think it’s safe to say I’m beginning to have quite a collection added to my Ootd’s.



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