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Always dress like the world is your runway…

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Sure it sounds like a bit much, but in all honesty.. If you were to meet your biggest crush or worst enemy, would you not prefer to look as awesome as you can..? You will then actually have a boost of confidence, more than if you’d be standing there in your stained leggings and ripped tunic.

I have this one problem, I plan my outfits most of the times the night before. Sometimes I’ll then wake up the next day and when wearing that planned outfit I feel like maybe it’s just a little much. But what happens all of these times is that I regret that change, and wish I would have stuck with the initial plan. I feel that I should have brought my A-game with the initial outfit..

Milano fashion

And then there’s the little fly in your head saying “but what will other people think” we all have this once in a while. And luckily nowadays having your own style is greatly appreciated. And it’s such a personal statement.

I love the vintage 40’s to 50’s, and even if many would think I’m over dressed and sometimes even asking me ” where are you going dressed like that?”, I strut happily and i love dressing as this is The day it will happen. I have inspired friends and people that have crossed my way to just dress as if the world is their runway.

I used to be a surfer girl and now I’m more a Classic chic all thanks to a pencil skirt from Jane Norman in 2008 and now I’mhooked.

Have fun with your style, is there a new look you’d love to try? Go for it!

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