Bohemian Chic…

I saw this dress and just had to have it! It’s gorgeous silk unlined making it perfect for any season. 

For winter I have opted for a pair of lace ups from Chie Mihara but might also pair the dress with a pair of mahogany coloured knee boots.

If you like faux fur then adding a fur gilet will definitely elevate the look, but a simple wool coat will look great too.

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Fashioning a reign…

Had the pleasure to go and see the “Fashioning a Reign” exhibition at Buckingham Palace, showcasing all the amazing outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth through the years.

She had an amazing sense of style and very groundbreaking as well.

Very devoted to British designers and very kind to other nations in the way she always had their emblems or national flowers decorated on the dress she would wear when visiting.

And on top of the amazing fashion I got the tour of the many different rooms of the palace, stunning interior and artwork though out.

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Ballerina Hair bun…

Ok so when this trend started I was so keen to try it out because I think it looks super nice! But with my super fine Scandinavian baby hair there was a problem…

When using the classic hair bun (bottom picture), the first type that came out and very wide spread type, you could actually see the difference of colour and the actual “bristles” of the bun. So I upgraded to a fake hair covered bun but it didn’t have the same colour as my own hair and it was very heavy.

I gave up, I had sad puppy eyes when looking at various tutorials of girls with dream hair saying how super easy this is to do and their buns look perfect.

But I then saw the sock bun idea and thought I’d give that a go. I had no expectations, other than maby another failure. But what do you know!

It works! I still don’t get that massive bun but I get a covered and even bun!

Because instead of just “laying” your hair over it like the classic bun you actually roll your hair as you go along and it automatically spreads around.

I’ll show you the result when I use the do…

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Inspiration for your style can come from so many places, people, nature, shapes and textures.

For me it’s mostly watching people and looking at how they create. From there I’ll make bits and pieces of inspiration my own. 

I also love surrounding myself with pictures like the ones above, it’s peaceful and in itself an inspiration to mix and match colours, fabrics.

Where do you find your best inspiration?

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Kimono fashion…

I really love this style! And actually went to a Rokit vintage shop a year ago or so and got one then (before it became a trend) and asked the shop assistant if she could see it as a “jacket” and she agreed it was actually a good idea.

I never wore it this way though, ended up using it as a normal lounge wear kimono instead…oh dear.

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