I use Polyvore to do my collages but up until now they didn’t have menswear.

As I can style both genders I really felt this was needed, and finally!

The top styling is casual with a twist. I love simple chinos, a shirt less dressy and adding a sloppy tied silk scarf. Gives a little extra “ompf” to the look.

Then there’s the classic white dress shirt, buttoned down one or two buttons, slim fit trousers and a dressier shoe. A simple look to put together and still keeping it sharp.

I’m so excited to be able to put together collages for both genders now.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

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The kimono jacket…

I struggle with casual wear as I live to dress up. So whenever I have a casual day off I always try to keep my outfit fun.

This collage is one of my favourites as it features a simple skinny trouser, a simple tank top and then adding to this with a bit of fun is the kimono jacket and colourful shoes.

No big statement jewellery need unless you want to bring it up to party/evening level.

Simple is key.

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Kate Spade Margot…

I received this amazing bag today and I’m super excited! 

You see I play it very safe with my bags mostly because they are expensive and then I need them to work with all outfits.

But I’m so happy to have received this amazing Kate Spade New York bag in the Margot style. The colour is beautifully called “Forest Leaf”.

I can totally see this helping all my black outfits pop!

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One can never be overdressed in a LBD

I love dressing up and I think that’s because I never really had the opportunity to when I was younger and living in the north of Sweden.

I have also obviously grown into the idea due to changing and maturing with my personal style. I started out as a mess of some kind of tom-boyish style, then became a casual comfy surfer girl. Until that one day I tried a high waisted pencil skirt in London.

I was from that day on changed and completely hooked on the idea of dressing up.

I remember many times after returning to Sweden and going out on a normal day in a simple pencil skirt and t-shirt, just to be asked “oooh are you going somewhere special?” 

Nowadays, I don’t even blink when putting a LBD on for a coffee with my “Mr” or after work drinks.

I will rather be overdressed than anything else :)

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The statement coat…

I am very reserved when I buy coats and only have plain black ones in a tailored shape. Simple and safe.

But many times I watch other women out there looking utterly stunning in statement colours and prints. 

A coat is a good investment piece definitely but let’s not forget to have some fun with it.

Also something that I’m raised with is that unless your coat is broken you don’t really need a new one…after some years in London I can definitely say that it’s ok to treat yourself to more than one and if you do, make it a statement.

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