Inspiration for the gentlemen…



Summer is upon us and I would love to see our gentlemen find their personal style.

Have fun with accessories, hats for instance are so underestimated and such a good staple piece, bring those loafers out but unless you’re dressing for a trend, ditch the socks. A shoulder bag/satchel is a must have and try to find one with a beautifully distressed leather to create that “worn in” look.

I white shirt and a simple pair of chinos always work and never goes out of style, the only thing thats tends to come and go is the colour of the chinos, the brighter pop of colours come and go but a nice pair of Navy, khaki or rust colour ones are always a good investment.

And don’t forget those sunglasses to shield your eyes from those sun rays, a classic Aviator style is a good choice but here it’s worth a bit of research to see what shape best suits you.


Happy shopping to all you gentlemen out there!


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Put a bow on it…

I love this dress from Kate Spade and for me it is perfection.

Audrey Hepburn-esque and amazing fabrics. To top it off today I decided to put a little pink bow on it and I love how t turned out.

What do you think?

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 Through the years I have truly struggled to find an eye brow pen, shade, product that works for me so when I saw the Wunderbrow online I wasn’t overly excited but I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s a little pricey at £19,99 but when you’re desperate you’ll try almost anything.

My favourite pen of all time has been the original H&M eye brow pen in Blonde, this however was discontinued and the new range have very strange colour ways…
After that the only one I could find was a pen from Boujous but it has been slightly too red for my complexion.

Anyway, my first go at the Wunderbrow was a disaster I put way too much product on and it dries fast and it sticks! The fact that it sticks and stays for long is great but not when you’ve done it wrong.
So I tried again an evening before a day off incase I needed to stay in hahah and with less product I am very happy to say it is amazing! it sticks to your skin as well so if Like me you have very light and little eyebrows to work with this is a very good product.

Try it!




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New additions…

My colleague was wearing the lovely pale blue off the shoulder top today and naturally I loved it, so I got one of my own and I love it with my a-lined skirts!

The black dress was initially purchased as a work uniform, simple black dress with a bow on the back. 

This is slightly short for me but it’s a heavy jersey so it stays in place. Perfect dress for days like today when it’s hot outside but I still wanna look put together.

Top – Zara

Dress – Kate Spade

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Tresor Paris Event…

I had an amazing time at Tresor Paris in the boutique in Hatton Gardens.

It was an amazing pamper evening with cupcakes from Lola’s, Luxury grooming from Men-ü, Menswear from Hawkings & Shepherd and stunning swimwear from Sandstorm. This all of course in the presence of all the amazing pieces from Tresor Paris.

I can’t tell you enough how amazing Tresor Paris is. There’s something for every budget..rings from £29 up to £120,000.

All in all such an inspirational evening and I can’t wait to visit again.

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Welcome spring…!

I was so inspired by the weather and the amazing people I met today, and this is what I created from that.

A very simple outfit with the details in the accessories doing the talking.

A clutch, my favourite type bag, is so easy to use and play with when it comes to prints and colours. And well, the shoes are just divine.

I hope you’re all enjoying the spring and warmth that had finally arrived.

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The dress..!

I love this dress and can you believe it’s from Oasis?!

Before I started my current job I wasn’t very open to colours and prints, I still find my comfort in wearing black but have learned to wear more fun garments.

I can definitely see this dress worn during a wedding, afternoon tea or a dinner with the girls.

To add extra pop I chose to match it with bright accessories and take it back to classic with some cute pearls.

What do you think?

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By now you probably already know that Black is my favourite colour. Majority of my wardrobe is just that.

One of my favourite things to do however when wearing one of my lovely LBD’s is to add fun accessories. Colourful or printed works just the same. This lifts the outfit a bit.

But j never shy away from adding a pair of black patent shoes and black clutch to keep it “Femme Fatale”

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