My denim struggle…


Those who know me rarely see me in denims, I struggle as they don’t make Me feel feminine.

I see ladies totally rocking their denims, looking gorgeous! But for me it’s always been one of those garments I own because one should as a key piece.

But once in a while I do wear them. I usually go for a high waisted as it helps maintain my hourglass shape without over spillage. I tend to keep the wash/wear to a minimum as I want it to be more chic.

Skinny jeans or straight is preferred but trends are stating flared are back, they won’t be in my closet.

Ankle gracers if anything is my favourite but if not I’d fold mine up just a bit to show some ankle.

Are you a denim girl?

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“Women who wear black lead colourful lives”

I wear a lot of black, not even near an understatement. But it’s far from boring!

I think it’s chic, a tad mysterious and well, sexy. I have about 12 LBD’s and 6 black pencil skirts and I wear them all, style them all differently and it’s sort of become my go to garments.

What’s your favourite colour in your closet?

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Maxi dress…


Don’t get me wrong I love a nicely fitted LBD, but tight and revealing is not necessarily sexier. This particular dress is from H&M Basics and has a gathered waist which still keeps your body shape emphasised.

It has a lower cut crew neck and split sides.

To me this is a perfect casual summer dress good to throw on any day.

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StyleLis gone retro…


I like the old way of dressing up mostly because it shows effort and it’s feminine.

But, I do however still try and mix modern and retro to make it my own, I don’t like the thought of putting myself in a “style folder” I pretty much like classic chic in s general manner.

But now and then I do take it that extra step and retro up everything just for fun.

Which look is your favourite? 

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BarryM Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint..


I can’t afford salon gel nails, so when I heard about these from BarryM I had to give it a try. If there’s a possibility of a nail varnish that lasts longer than normal the I’m on it!

I am very happy with these, they don’t need uv light, they actually activate with daylight it even your lamp at home!

Shiny and durable, I love it,

You should try it :)

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Zara printed shorts..


I rarely wear shorts or skirts that are this high above the knee, mostly because of my legs not being model like.

But when I saw these beauties on sale in Zara I had to have them. They have a mock belt and a high waist. Very stretchy fabric but with a luxurious feel.

I styled it with my Primark blouse, simple and chic.

Total cost for this outfit £22.50


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A girl needs a pretty bag for London commute…


It’s not designer or even a known brand but I liked it instantly. You see I kick scoot to work and I don’t like using my Prada or Michael Kors for that as it can easily ruin them.

I saw this in a tiny shop inside a shopping centre here in London and on sale so I grabbed it. It fits more than you’re think and I love the handles.

Not everything has to be high designer, I find most gems in the oddest little shops.

Now I’m good to scoot!

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