Michael Kors…

 I went for a little stroll on this fine Saturday off and found myself in TKMaxx on High Street Kensington.

I wasn’t at all planning on spending, I browse often and gladly for inspiration.

But there it was in the middle of a lot of other things, the Michael Kirs cross body bag. It’s actually made as an iPhone bag or purse.

I have an older version which I use as a wallet because it’s too full to fit the phone. But for the small one I paid £20 more!! 

Anyway, I have often thought about getting a smaller bag like this for when I don’t want to have a big chunky thing in the way and really ot need my phone, keys and VISA card.

Thank you TKMaxx!

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Asos inspiration…


I always find so many stunning things when I casually browse Asos.com and this time was no different.

The good thing with asos is that you can put things in hold for 30 days as long as they stock your chosen size and colour of choice.

So if you can’t afford to order right now..put it on the side for later.

Sounds good to me 😉

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Pucker up…


I like to wear red lips every now and then and my very favourite is No 01 By Kate lipstick from Rimmel. It doesn’t dry your lips out and feels very luxurious.

Match that with red nail varnish a LBD and you’re good to go!

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Abba hair…


I’m not going to lie, hair is not my strongest talent. My goal with this look was to get those subtle curls/waves. As you can see I failed and ended up with ABBA hair.

Maybe I just channeled my Swedish-ness.


Jacket – Primark

Top – H&M Basics

Skirt – Zara

Bracelet – Tresor Paris

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The little touches…


I am really liking this Vero Moda Kimono and who knew it would look so nice with red lips and nails.

Today I matched it with a very simple LBD from New Look in a plain jersey. And topped that with minimum jewellery and ballet flats.

I think this might become a favourite…

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Documented my wardrobe…

I found this amazing app where you can catalogue all your clothes and put together collages with different ways to match your clothes. As an image consultant this is brilliant.

It’s called Stylicious.

Also it helps if you need to go shopping as it will show you what you already have and might not need another one of.

I have now learnt that I have about 12 LBD’s, oops!

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My bag collection…


I am a proud owner of two designer bags but also know that a good bag needs not be that expensive to be a gem.

I love all my bags and use them just the same, I prefer clutches over any style, but due to them being kinda small they don’t always work.

Which one is your favourite?

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Vero Moda…


When I was living back home in Sweden I would shop at Vero Moda off and on. Most of the times a slight hit and miss as to of I’d find anything.

Went on asos.com as I do a lot! And found this kimono from Vero Moda, it also comes with matching shirts. It’s not a pyjama, I just realised it might sound like it would be. No it’s to wear everywhere 😉

I have a few “jacket” kimonos that a use and love and usually wear on top of a LBD or dress up my denims.

Will show you some ways to style it shortly.

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Pencil skirt…


The black pencil skirt is my staple garment. If I am in doubt this is what I’ll wear. Dress it up with a beautiful top or dress it down with a classic tank top.

Flats and heels the choice is yours, for me high waisted is the best but maybe one sitting on the hip works for you.

I had 3 pencil skirts I rotated but after the gym two of them are now too big, and one of them is more a evening type skirt.

So I went to the place where I have found the best ones for me, Zara. Did indeed spot this beauty there, side splits and a leather detail trim.


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