Bundle up…

I am complete skirt addict! And this one is so stunning.

The colours are warm and goes so well with this knitted slightly asymmetric top. Tuck the top in to keep that waist emphasised. Some nice heels and you’re good to go.

Works for coffee out with the girls, casual dinner or a day at work.

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Winter wardrobe…

Have you had a review of your wardrobe yet? It’s time to bring back the knitwear, scarves, gloves, hats and thick coats.

These, I hope, were removed from your wardrobe during the summer season…? 😉

Need any help to organise that closet back to top notch standard? Let me know.



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The jumpsuit…

I have wanted a jumpsuit for such a long time but always struggled to find one that fits. I now know why it’s been complicated.

If you’re blessed with a voluptuous chest this actually shortens the length of the torso part of the garment which makes it pull up. This is always where I have issues as it gives you unwanted effects.

Many times I find them quite unflattering for your bum, sometimes they flatten that area..most probably due to fabric choice or overall poor fit.

I did however find this beauty at H&M but sadly even though the length was good the fabric was very thick and it bulged at the cleavage area.

The hunt continues…

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Easy styling…

Here’s one of my favourite ways to style a skirt. Many of my friends feel very “dressed up” when wearing a skirt like this or a pencil skirt. And when I hear this my best advice is to tone it all down with a T-Shirt.

I decided to keep my t-shirt a little popped up with a golden print but a plain one will do as well.

Add some bangles or statement earrings to keep some bling to the look and you’re good to go.

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You are amazing!

We tend to be so critical towards ourselves and almost always looking at the things we hate on our bodies..We are not all supermodels and honestly even the models aren’t themselves on those covers, they’re retouched! 

Women, celebrities, around the world are refusing to be retouched. We’re more open to embrace who we are and emphasise the parts we love rather than hiding the ones we don’t.

I have always struggled with the idea my weight and what I thought it should be, and being an hourglass figure has really not helped. But now I have found things that I love and these are my focus. My belly is the thing I hate the most! But I like my neck, I think I have nice ankles and my eyes are totally my thing.

What’s your favourite part on yourself? 

Be proude of who you are!

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Autumn day look…

I love to add a few pops of colour when Autumn hits, we can’t let those leaves out stage us can we? 😉

Burgundy and red was my choice for this look, and a nice simple blouse with a bow to really keep that feminine look.

Due to it getting a little colder I added some lower booties to keep the legs looking longer but not to “naked”.

What do you think?

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