H&M Shoes…

Well done H&M on these beautiful and timeless shoes.

I’m so happy to see something other than the “on trend now” at H&M.

These also come in black but I really love this tweed look fabric. It’s been so chinky Vagabond-ish for so long and it’s not for everybody. So to finally see something chic like this warms my “classic-chic” heart.

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These are my very first pair of Chie Mihara shoes, I found them on sale and they had already at that point become slightly “tired”.

The nude strap wasn’t very clean anymore and sadly this made me not wear them as much. So I decided to solve this and bought a permanent fabric pen and voila!

If you haven’t heard of Chie Mihara before you need to google her! She has orthopaedic foot beds in her shoes and this makes them magically comfortable. I could work 9hrs in these heels without a single pinch.

Now that’s something!

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I feel most comfortable when wearing my dresses and skirts, but I really want to feel the same when wearing trousers.

I think my issue is that I don’t feel as feminine in trousers, but there’s a solution…

If we add a flirty,fun and feminine top to the trousers it’s balances the look. Also adding accessories will help.

This is one of my challenges I hope to overcome this year :)

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Gloves and shoes

 Here I was on my way to visit a shop for an article in Chancery Lane around the Hatton Garden area, the jewellery quarters.

I notice this little street with market stalls and felt like a browse, and there they were, the low cut gloves and at a bargain!

I have been looking online but haven’t really found any I like.
The ones with the bow I actually only bought for fun as they stand out quite a bit, but the all black ones are stunning with small cut outs and simple chicness.
Also on the photo you can see my new Chie Miahara Carola lace ups, she has orthopaedic foot beds in all her shoes which make them amazingly comfortable.

I’m ready for fall and winter :)

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Just a touch…

I really love some of the fashion from the olden days but I personally don’t want to get completely put in a folder, so I pick pieces and add to my personal style.

Me and my colleague Sarah both really love this Textured Wiggle Dress from asos.com, soft fabric and gorgeous! It emphasises where you need it to and hides where you need it to.

Also I had this vision of wearing a low cut glove with this dress on my next date but as of yet I haven’t found a single pair. So I ventured of to Rokit vintage shop to see what they had…

Didn’t find gloves, but found this dreamy clutch bag! I have two addictions in my fashion…LBD’s and Clutch bags. Both are to me the easiest things to wear to instantly make me feel good.

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Zara goodies…



Where I’m from in the Swedish north I didn’t know much about Zara, but since moving to London it’s quickly become a shop I always go to for staple pieces.

Not too expensive and if you take your time browsing you can find good quality items.

I have an hourglass figure and have been struggling with non stretchy skirts and trousers from them sadly, also tops are very touch and go as many of them aren’t made for a bustier woman. 

But as with many shops you have to try your way around and see what works and what doesn’t.

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Beach Blonde by John Frieda…

Ok, it took me a while and it was a planned delay.

I set out to try Beach Blonde products by John Frieda and because I wanted to see the complete change I needed to give the transition some time.

I can definitely feel a change, my hair seems less heavy and the products themselves feel much cleaner. It took me a while to work up a good lather with the shampoo in order to really get a good clean but once there it has proven great.

Sadly the conditioner is not detangeling as much as I need it too and I find myself struggling.

The amazing scent helps a lot as it’s very minty and fresh and the sea salt spray is by itself like a beach holiday in a bottle!

I haven’t however mastered that beautiful beach wave look with this spray and I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that my Scandinavian hair rarely keeps any style longer than a couple of hours, but fear not, I’m not giving up. And the scent alone is worth it.

I definitely will keep up with this product as I feel it keeps my thin hair much bouncier and not heavy with product.

If you have thin hair like me and don’t want heavy products the do give this a go :)

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I saw this skirt at H&M a year ago or so but for some reason it didn’t fit the same then so I decided against it at the time.

It after that came out in different colours but not in black and I have been waiting and hoping for it to come back.

So why do I love it so much you wonder… It has a strict fabric which means no Marilyn Monroe moments, I rarely wear anything this short and voluminous due to that risk. And it looks amazing dressed up and down. Elongates your legs and has a structured woven fabric giving it a luxury feel.


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