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Ok, so this is a common find in anyone’s house but it’s not the best way to go about storing your clothes…

The dream scenario for me is a big “walk in wardrobe” with enough space to hang all items that belong on a hanger. Shelves that are perfectly positioned for those items that require folding. Separate shoe and bag dream list goes on…

But in this day and age we don’t all have the luxury of this kind of space, but fear not you can still have a beautiful wardrobe.

It’s all about being organised. Separate by season. Choose hangers wisely. And organise in a way that supports the way YOU choose you’re outfit whether it’s by colour or by item.

When our wardrobes are organised we will be able to see what we have. In this way it will be easier to create looks.

But also it will help you avoid buying unnecessary items that you might already have half way to Narnia..

Not only does your clothes don’t live well being crumpled on a chair or squeezed into an overcrowded wardrobe, they might even get damaged.

I love organising wardrobes, if you need me, give me a shout!



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