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I must admit that shoes are what catches my eyes while walking around in shops, I love shoes. They can give you a better posture, they sometimes make your legs look magical.

But to many women neglect their shoes, they need to be cared for with sprays and leather treatment, the heels usually need to be changed from the get go. But if this is done on a regular basis, you can enjoy your beautiful shoes for so much longer.

When buying a new pair of shoes it´s important not to go or settle for a size too small or too big, too small will be painful and too big will be a hassle, I’ve tried with insoles myself and it usually never works. But you can be lucky and it works for you, so always ask if you can try them on with an insole.

And sometimes if they´re too small the shoe repair man can soften them up and stretch them up to a size. But I still recommend you give it the extra time and search for a shoe in the right size, better and hassle free.

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