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Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet up with a friend from sweden, someone I haven’t seen for a while.

She is very stylish, beautiful and you can tell she makes an effort before she leaves her house. Me on the other hand, well yesterday I woke up and got ready for work in a normal manner. I didn’t dress completely boring perhaps, nice trousers with a draped top. But I didn’t really make an effort with accessories or hair. Safe to say I would not be impressed if I met myself on the street.

This meeting with my friend was set to be the day after which was the plan and I would have then ( in my mind ) have dressed differently to show the best me so to speak. I always make an effort when I am going out or even just for a coffee.

My friend is so lovely and told me I looked beautiful, thank you! but in the back of my head I couldn’t stop thinking, how much more interesting my outfit could’ve been or my hair could’ve been nicely prepared.

This just proved to me that I have to stick to my teachings and try to make that effort every day, you never know if you have to change your plans, who you might meet or where the day/eve takes you.

” You can only be underdressed “

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