Organising my own closet…


I have a walk in closet back home in Sweden but not here in London, and I probably have the smallest closet ever made.

I don’t like to fold anything other than chunky knitwear or perhaps denims, I have no choice in this house sadly but to fold quite a lot of items.

I managed to convince the caretaker that we needed to remove the closet door as it wouldn’t open even halfway due to having a radiator cover in the way.

And obviously with the door gone I needed to make it look presentable and it was way overdue to actually re-organise for the summer season.

Jackets are in the back, all my dresses in the middle ( I wear them the most) and tops to the right.

Sadly I had to fold all my skirts and more basic tops. And all trousers, making the very best of a small space.

My more precious bags and shoes are kept in their fabric bags to keep them safe and then I put some hooks up to keep my clutches and handbags on.

It feels so good to have it organised, I did put up a curtain after the photos just incase I want to hide my clothes for whatever reason. Will probably not happen a lot as I love my well chosen clothes 🙂

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