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Re-organising my wardrobe…

My idea of weekend fun is to re-organise my wardrobe, I kid you not! I try things on to see if they still fit, I move items around in a new order. So much fun!

The dream is to yet again have the walk in closet I had back in sweden I mean just look at the photo below:

But hey, we can only do the best with what we have and it’s all about organisation and smart storage.

I’m a bit of a bag collector so they take up a bit of space, in this humble studio of mine they’re on top of my wardrobe. Now as much as I want and like to see them all the time, it’s not ideal for leathers to be our like this. Dust will set and may damage it. I lucki use my bags with a nice rotation and my most precious gems are in fabric cover bags.

aaah the feeling of knowing my wardrobe is perfectly organised, now, a glass rosé.

cheers and happy Sunday!

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