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I struggle a lot with finding a new bra that fits and this last time around I couldn’t find one for over a year! Safe to say my bra’s at home were not pretty to look at.

My sizes has changed faster than I can grasp. Also so many styles fit so very differently, so even if you’re one size in Triumph you won’t necessarily be that size or even fit in a Freya.

So I decided to have a new bra fitting done yesterday just to see where I am size wise and to hopefully finally find that bra I so desperately needed.

I’m not surprised to see that I’ve gone from a 30DD to a 32E, so obviously this kinda means I have been chasing the wrong size firstly and also I could’ve found something faster if I just asked for help.

Also I had been so set on getting a Freya as they seem to be the only ones that fit right, but managed to find this 2 for 1 from a brand I’ve never had before. The woman helping me was so calm and brilliant, she showed me styles I might not have thought of personally. They understand the confusion and sometimes panic.

So ladies, I suggest having an annual bra fitting to be sure of your size but also ask the attendants as they’re there to help you 🙂

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