The sizing issue…

I am not the size I used to be but I still have the same desire and passion for beautiful garments.

Becoming a ”plus size” has been hard in so many ways but what’s even worse is that options promptly fall when you’re not the “conventional” size.

Even so, A plus sized woman is still expected to have a tiny waist. A perfect hourglass figure. This is insane!

Another issue that annoys me to the core is the sizing issue. I range from S-XL and 10-18, how is this not confusing? I follow sizing charts and depending on fabrics used and shapes of the items this is how it’s possible to be literally all over the shop.

Below you’ll see examples. I’ve quickly learned that in Zara I will be a XL or even XXL, in H&M I am everything from a Small to a 46…”sigh”

There are a few brands that I can only look at and dream of wearing due to their XL being more like a M. Sad.

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