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Seasonal wardrobe re-organisation…

A new season is upon us and it’s time to have a look at your wardrobe. Your summer items need to go and your autumn and winter items need to enter the stage.

The is also a good time to try everything on and do a clearcut. Much of what’s coming or going might not fit and they’ll only take up precious space.

I wish I lived as I preach and had a great walk in wardrobe with endless space, I live in a small but amazing studio in West Kensington, space is not what you’re given in abundance. But I also feel this gives me an advantage not only on how to store and fit things in but also to day by day learn what storage solutions are valuable.

I have definitely learned that moving seasons as they come and go is so very important, imagine your winter coat and how thick it is and then all of your summer dresses all squished together all year around. And then imagine removing that coat when winter is over and how easy you can move around your dresses and see what you have much clearer.

I am a dress wearer, daily. So for me they are prioritised in my wardrobe. This means with my small space that almost everything else is folded away on shelves. I own a very small amount of trousers so that’s the least of my problems. Tops however I do wish I had double the hanging space so that I could see them much better. Dreams dreams….

I live in a basement studio with a shared hallway, two lovely Girls that aren’t my size so I have decided to keep my shoes outside. Luckily I.m not a shoe girl so they don’t require a lot of space.

Bags are important to me however! They have centre stage or well highest shelf.

My bags are all stored in their fabric covers, this is so important as dust will quickly ruin the leather. I’m not swimming in designer bags if that’s the image you just got. I am not buying for the brand, I buy for whatever I need my bag to do for me. And funnily enough one of my most popular bags that gets a lot of comments was £3,50 from Primark. It has lasted me many years most likely because I take good care of it.

Leather treatments are a must and can be bought at Kate Spade for instance, a cleaner and conditioner helps keep your bags healthy and happy for years.

Mothballs and moth repellants are so so very important and I cannot stress that enough! They will eat through your precious clothes and before you know it you have holes and sad rags all around. This is also why you should never smoosh too many items in there, they need breathing space.

So get on with it, start re-organising and feel that joy of being able to see all your clothes, the joy of dressing up. Have fun and dress like you’re going somewhere better later 🙂



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