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So one of my favorite things to wear is the Hat, and not the small brimmed girly one, no, I like the bigger and more masculine hat. The one that is great on a bad hair day, the one that covers your eyes slightly in that chic mysterious way.

I found it pretty hard to get a hold of one to be honest, and when I did find one they would have a lot going on like feathers or colour blocks. Almost giving up I went to Top Shop, usually their hats are very big and only a “One size fits all” stock. But this time I found it and it is perfect in shape, colour and price! only £25.

For sure this is not the best of qualities, and yes walking in to any luxury shop I might have found one too. But for my budget this one is perfect and looks great.

Anyway, I used to find it hard to wear the hat, what to match it with, when to wear it. In Sweden you wouldn’t see hats being worn very often so it doesn’t come naturally. But here in London I see them everywhere, with dresses, casually with jeans most of the times I see women in fabulous coats and boots topping it all off with a great hat.

I have made a collage of two ways I will be matching my hat.


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