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The Umbrella.

In a city like London where you’ll see your share of rain, a fun, fashionable umbrella is a must!

I am completely in love with mine because of its head turning shape and the chic tassel. The one in the photo is the cream version of mine, I only found a black one. It’s designed by Lisbeth Dahl.

I’ve seen sad broken ones walking around, square ones, massive golfer sized ones. Well pretty much every kind. But I think we forget to use it as the accessory it actually is. What’s the difference from getting a wearable pair of shoes, a matching bag…don’t forget the umbrella it can ruin a look just as well as anything else in your outfit that doesn’t not fit or has a good quality.

I think if I didn’t feel completely happy with this one I would have gone for something printed or even better bright red!

What’s your thought?

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