Styling for a friend…

Jessica does Rome...

My best friend Jessica is a fierce rocker chic woman still trying her wings in the fashion world, she’s not afraid of going a bit out of her comfort zone, and I love her for this.

She was given a wardrobe consultation and personal shop which got her started on wanting more.

I wear a lot of pencil skirts and dresses but in a way that it doesn’t look like I’m going to the office or a wedding, i dress it after my personality. She wanted to learn how to wear a pencil skirt and I was happily surprised to find her completely rocking a teal pencil skirt and a white tank top with her rocker jewellery one day. Such an amazing step. She has a very nice athletic body shape with some curves in all the right places so she can pretty much pull anything off.

So now she has asked me to put together a collage of looks for her to wear when going to Rome, she wanted a vintage touch. I have given her a safe choice ( the look on the right) and a choice taking her out of her comfort zone a bit ( the look on the left) but hey, she asked for a vintage touch 🙂 Also I would like to see some serious eyeliner happening to add that extra vintage touch.

I am excited to see what she has to say.

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