French Manicure…


I am a big fan of French Manicure but I struggle to find one that actually is worth the hassle of painting on. I work in a shop and have done so for some years and back in Sweden i used Depends french manicure which worked amazingly but here in London this brand doesn’t exist.

I have tried Sally Hansen and different brands without any luck, I was super excited when the applicator pen came out and I would just have to draw the white tip on, this didn’t stick and would peel by the end of the day.

The peeling has been my biggest issue, and in order to have it last slightly longer i have even stopped using the pink or natural “base coat” as it seemed to make it worse, fine by me as i want it as simple and chic as possible.

Anyway, after googling and browsing through several websites I found this new version from Bourjois and I am very intrigued to try. The tip of the brush that is used fot the white tip is shaped differently and I think this might actually do wonders. But it all comes down to how good it sticks to my nails.


To be continued…

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