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That coat style that never goes out

There are always items that will last you through the ages, they will in fact never go out of style. Among these you’ll find the simple black dress, simple wrap coat or for instance a plain white t-shirt.

These items are also known as core pieces, and they are fundamental to your image. If you have a great core then you will be able to build endless looks, ok maybe not endless but it will pave the way for you to mix and match your heart away.

I have seen the Brown Houndstooth Coat and Jacket enter the scene now and again, some years might pass and it might seem like it’s out of style but then like an old friend it finds its way back. So I have now jumped on this parade and gotten myself one.

I have chosen to match mine in a more causal way than any of you are used to seeing me in, I don’t hate it but it will take some getting used to on my part.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

I had almost forgotten about this belt bag as well, I found it in Sweden at one of my now favourite department stores Ã…hlens. When I was in my twenties it was perhaps seen as a place where your nan would shop, now being in my forties and much wiser but also older I might have either been right or just naive…let’s not dwell on that 🙂

The items in this look are all bank account friendly, shoes and jeans are both from M&S, Bag as mentioned from Ã…hlens, and jacket and top from Primani (Primark) but one has learnt the slang of London now.

I like to turn the sleeves and collar up as it gives a nice contrast to the jacket, decided also to cut my jeans shorter as they just didn’t fall on a flattering part of my leg and the “rough” denim look seems to stick so win win situation.

I hope this gave you some inspiration and that you will invest in core pieces.

I will go into depth of what they all are in a later post.



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