Through the years I have truly struggled to find an eye brow pen, shade, product that works for me so when I saw the Wunderbrow online I wasn’t overly excited but I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s a little pricey at £19,99 but when you’re desperate you’ll try almost anything.

My favourite pen of all time has been the original H&M eye brow pen in Blonde, this however was discontinued and the new range have very strange colour ways…
After that the only one I could find was a pen from Boujous but it has been slightly too red for my complexion.

Anyway, my first go at the Wunderbrow was a disaster I put way too much product on and it dries fast and it sticks! The fact that it sticks and stays for long is great but not when you’ve done it wrong.
So I tried again an evening before a day off incase I needed to stay in hahah and with less product I am very happy to say it is amazing! it sticks to your skin as well so if Like me you have very light and little eyebrows to work with this is a very good product.

Try it!




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