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Beyond the clothes…

Image is so much more than what you wear, it’s how you carry yourself, react to things in general how you present yourself.

I will touch on a few things beyond the clothes that might not be taken as seriously as what we put on in the morning.

Today, it’s about your nails.

Imagine you meet someone and you’re reaching out to shake their hand, and you see chipped nail varnish on badly kept hands. How would you react and would you think this person has it all under control?

You’re probably shaking your head right now thinking nails have nothing to do with that. But sadly it does, first impressions are lasting and will take a lot of work to change. I firmly believe that one should always try and maintain a polished image. So if that nail varnish is chipping, take it off. If you don’t have time to re-do the entire paint job then at least keep them fresh and clean.

I struggle badly because as soon as I see one tiny chip of my nail colour gone, the control freak in me tells me I should fix it straight away. The horror of someone noticing…ooooh no! It happened to me yesterday and I have a job where I have to set a program in front of clients daily, so they will see my hands and have many times complimented me on my choice of nail colour and yesterday they chipped. I felt such annoyance at seeing my nails looking so bad while pressing the buttons. Luckily we have remover at work and in between clients I removed all of it.

And I’m no way saying you have to go to a salon to have them done every other day and spend more than necessary. I have never gone to a salon just for a manicure. I do them myself and some people have been surprised by that. Practise makes perfectI suppose. I even do French Manicure myself but struggle to find a product that lasts. Best one I know to this day is the Mavala French Manicure set.

Oldie but goodie! And I usually skip the colour and only do tips with top coat, it looks cleaner.

Keep your nails filed and even, the worst thing is that if you break a nail and there’s a sharp edge you might actually snag your clothes and ruin them. It comes with the territory to also keep your hands and cuticles moisturised and groomed.

When wearing strong colours like reds and maroons, always start with a base coat! Your nails will discolour eventually if you don’t, and a base coat will allow the colour to “grip” better anyway. Sorry I ramble on…

And with the summer coming, same goes for your toes! I recommend allowing yourself a pre beach pedicure, just to get them prepared for summer and then keep the good work up yourself. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous summer outfit and sandals dusted off and put on only to see chipped heels and sad toenails.

And personally doing my nails is for me quite therapeutic, especially over a glass of wine.

So get on it everyone, primp away!



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