Put a belt on it…

Something that has founds its way into our fashionable everyday it’s the belt. We see it on dresses, cardigans or to hold that double breasted blazer together. It looks amazing but also helps emphasise that waist.

It will help when wearing something quite straight and over sized to yet again help show tha there indeed is shape under there. But also it’s such an easy accessory to add to give extra life to your look.

Back in the day it was said that you had to match your belt with your shoes and bag…ladies this is no longer the case! Have fun and play around with colour and width and fabrics. Big or small buckles it’s all up for grabs!

It’s easy to really play around with the knot of a slimmer belt.
The “bum bag” has been updated and is now available in much chicer looks.
Perfect to add on top of your jacket, both functional and stylish.
This belt just secured this look giving it something interesting.

So ladies, dive into that accessory box in your closet and see what you have to work with.



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