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Unfortunately I keep seeing Londoners acting like the pandemic is over or never even happened and it frightens me. Not only because I barely got by the first wave but because I keep hearing from scientists that a second wave is not only likely but possibly more potent.

Walking to the shop for food or walking to work I can probably count on one single hand how many people I see not social distancing or wearing a mask when it’s impossible to do so.

I personally wear a mask every time I go into a shop or venue because I want to be safe. We have to remember that people can carry this virus without showing any symptoms whatsoever!

Anyway, luckily masks can be found almost everywhere and to suit everyone’s taste. I have tried a few and some are hard to breath through so they won’t work. I also want to avoid single use as we are already polluting this planet as it is.

Below you will see my favourite masks and I’ll share links to where they’re from in case you want to treat yourself.

This Autumn Pink mask is super simple.
I chose to add a N95 filter inside as it was hard to breath through it without the filter.

The mask can be found at in any colour or print you could ever imagine…!

100% Mulberry Silk so breathable and naturally antibacterial
This mask comes in four different colours

This is a gorgeous 100% Mulberry silk mask is from and comes in four chic colours. It’s fully reusable, washable and so easy to breath through.
But silk is also great for your skin especially if you’re prone to acne. It has fully adjustable loops. Something however that made me so relieved was that I do not need a filter inside.

So you know how to test your mask to make sure it is protecting you..?

Right, so I live next door to a nurse and she taught me how to test a mask to make sure it is giving sufficient protection.

You will need a lighter or a match, light it and while wearing your mask you basically try to blow out the flame. If the flame goes out then you don’t have enough protection and a filter is needed. But if the flame is still then you are protected.

The mask from Redbubble needed a filter as I could blow out the flame whereas the Wamnes mask is sufficient on its own.

I have quite a collection already, I like to be able to match them to my outfits. How about you, are you wearing one..?



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