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I was born in Sweden and blessed with Scandinavian hair. This means that I have very fine hair, lots of it but very fine in the words of my hairdresser.

I have tried products for volume, I have tried fake buns and back combing. It’s just not solutions that last longer than me doing a double take in the mirror.

So when I was offered the One Piece Flicky Extension 16inch from the Stranded Hair group I obviously didn’t hesitate!

Me before the One Piece Flicky extension

They ask you for a photo so that they can colour match you perfectly which obviously helps a lot. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to begin seeing as how I’m somewhere in the middle of a highlight turned Baylyage grow out.

Before extensions

Haven’t been able to see a hairdresser for colour work since just after the first lockdown. Anyway, this clip in extension comes with 5 clips that also have a bit of silicone attached to make them stay on better. I still backcomb a little mostly because my hair is very glidy.

The 16inch length is perfect for me as it matches my own length. I don’t like to “fake” my appearance too much, fake lashes, fake tan, fake nails..It’s not something I’d feel too comfortable with. So having this extension the same length doesn’t necessarily change me into a super long haired goddess but more than anything just gives me a little volume.

What do you think?! Subtle but still amazing 😉

Have a look at their products over here: Stranded Hair group


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