Comfort vs comfort

Ok so now I’m going to give you my thought on comfortable fashion. My very first article mirrored my thoughts on the ever over taking fashion of Leggings and how I wish ladie’s would find comfort in other types of clothing, it is very much possible.

In the picture on your left you see the ever so popular legging fashion, and many times it is matched with a top that is much to short and then this with semi sheer leggings showing of todays choice of underwear. Not very classy. And many times depending on season I see either worn down sad Uggs or Converse in every type of condition. If this is your choice of comfort try to at least keep your clothes up do code when it comes to state. No rags please.

Personally I would go for the picture on your right. These trousers for instance have no buttons or irritating uncomfortable seams. There’s only one zip on the side. Ballet flats keep it feminine but more comfortable than heels. The top is silky and loose, non fussy but still chic. Add a little bit of bling and you’re good to go.

Honestly it is that easy to keep it comfortable but chic.

And if you’re like me and like dresses and skirts, well that ladie’s is oure comfort!


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