Layering up for Autumn...

One thing I really like about Autumn is all the fabulous knitwear and the many ways to mix, match and layer the garments.

It´s that time of year when the coat is too hot but you might still need something warm to cover yourself up with.

I found this wonderful poncho instead of a jacket, ponchos have really evolved since they first became a fashion item. The Burgundy goes so well with the Autumn colours and especially with the brown details in this look.

So have a look in your wardrobe and see if you have good knitwear to build a look from, maybe add a wider belt to keep the shape of the waist. Why not change the beanie for a trilby look hat? Or change the boots for a more petite shoe if the weather allows.

Knee high or even over knee socks are coming back as a trend and with this look they´ll go perfect.

I hope you´ll get inspired to create an Autumn layered look of your own.


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